There are cases, were you have to convert on-prem OVA to AWS AMI.

Below are steps to convert an OVA to AWS AMI:

  1. Upload the file to EC2 instance.
  2. Unzip the file
    tar xvf xxxxxxx_xxx_xx.ova
  3. Copy the .vmdk file to S3 bucket
  4. Create a file in ec2 — conversion.json


“Description”: “Convert OVA to AMI”,

“Format”: “vmdk”,

“UserBucket”: {

“S3Bucket”: “s3bucketname”,

“S3Key”: “xxxxxxx_xxx_xx.vmdk”


5. Execute —

aws ec2 import-image — description “Convert OVA to AMI” — disk-containers file://conversion.json

6. Execute —

aws ec2 describe-import-image-tasks — import-task-ids import-ami-xxxx

Let me know in comments if you have any issues :)



“errorMessage”: “‘Connect” object has no attribute ‘describe_hours_of operation’”,

“errorType”: “AttributeError”

All AWS lambda developer would have come across this error at least once.

To solve this error:

  1. Check if any spelling mistake was made while writing the API . If so, write the correct API.
  2. Check if the class that you found is coming from boto3.client or boto3.resource
  3. Check if the API is in the preview release —
    “This API is in preview release for Amazon Connect and is subject to change.”
Source : AWS API

If so I guess you need to wait :)

Funny Story: I spent almost 2 hours, trying to resolve this error just because I didn't notice the preview release notice. Hahaha :) Hope this post helps you save sometime :)



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